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I'm shooting my first documentary in a couple months. It will be a short (somewhere in the 4-8 minute ballpark) for class. The only problem is I'm having some real trouble coming up with a moving or interesting idea for this film. I'm not usually a doc guy so inspiration has been hard to come by. If any of you have shot docs before, what inspired you? What would you guys like to see a documentary on? Also, any production pointers or tips in general? Thanks

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* I would like to see a documentary on people who lost their jobs during the rescission and what happened to them.

* another idea could be about big banks and how they make their money and how much of it is made from late fees, over the limit fees and if there is anything they do to try to max out these kinds of fees and take advantage of people who are having a hard time.

* Lawyers billing methods

* Someone running for office

* Heart transplant patients

* Really old people ( like 100 plus)

* Teen parents

* Life of an Oil well

* People with perfect pitch
Doc Ideas

Doc Ideas

Well, i'm not much of a doc guy (yet), but here are a couple tips...

1) Definitely focus on a person; someone who provokes some sort of feeling in people when they see him or her. Feeling can be mad, sad, funny, happy... Doesn't have to be a good person. Can be a "bad" or troubled person. Can be a funny person.

In NYC i saw a guy on the train, all he did the whole train ride was recite poetry. It was the most amazing stuff I heard. The train ride was 20 mins, but a 4 minute peice could be done...

2) You probably already know this but definitely a beginning, middle and end would be necessary. When you find this interesting subject whether it be a person, place or thing, KNOW YOUR ENDING. Know how you're going to end your documentary. At least the gist....

hope this helps :(