Do you need financing for your project?


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If you need funding for your project I'm willing to help you with not only my resources but also with obtaining resources in your area. I was the person that put together the finances for The Playmaker on HBO which one of my good friends funded. It is not common place at this level to get ONE individual to fund a film. With that said, there are many resources in the United States to fund your projects. I am well versed in finding grants and creating diverse and creative financing situations. I am here to network, therefore if you are here to do the same feel free to contact me.

I also am an accomplished composer who is willing to collaborate on projects that I believe in. I will only work on projects, musically, that I feel that I am a good fit for, but will refer you to other deserving individuals if you so wish.

Thank you for reading my post and good luck to each of you seeking funding for your projects!


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Hi! I have a script for a low-budget movie to be shoot in L.A.

I'm looking for production support.

It's an original ideia to work, the first of what can be a trilogy to be shot on various cities worlwide.

Let me tell you: THIS SCRIPT IS GOLD.

I live in Europe. I'm planning a trip to USA.

A few years ago I took a two-month workshop at the New-York Film Academy.

Well, if you can somehow help me with my script, please let me know.


Best Regards!
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