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Hi There,

I checked out the Classifieds area of this forum, and it seems completely separated/unrelated to the community here. I'm sure I'll get banned for posting, but if it helps put some high quality stock in your hands at a discounted price, it shouldn't be considered spamming.

Anyway. I came across some 94 min HDSR stock that was getting liquidated. These have never been recorded on and came factory sealed. I've marked them way below market price ($40 off), and they are shipped by Amazon via my online store.

Amazon link here:

Please pass the word if you know anyone looking for these.

Thanks and have a nice day :D


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Hey Kim,

I just posted there. It just didn't look related to this site when I checked it out the first time. My apologies if I broke any rules. You can delete this post or I can if you'd like.


Kim Welch

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We do have different section of the site and they do look different and you do have to sign up separately at this time. It actually has helped us in the past when we got hacked or had problems with other software. By keeping them separate we always had some working interactive webpages available. We have thought about integrating but what if we got hacked again which would be against all odds but at least we have backups now and we have redundancy with the different sections. My grandmother used to say don't put all your eggs in one basket! :)
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