Diehard movie(1988)-to know the technique behind some shots


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Could someone share your knowledge about 'Diehard' movie(1988).

1. Picture1-Gunfire
2. Picture2- There is sparkle when bullet is hitting the meta sheet.
3. Picture3- Again sparkles falls down infront of Bruce Willis who is trying to move in the tunnel due the hit of bullet.

How the Gunfire and sparkles is made?

4. Picture4-Alan Rickman's character is falling down from the building..
5. Picture5- The explosion with helicopter on top of the building.

What is the technique behind these shots?

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The falling looks like green screen and CGI. If you're not familiar with green screen you should take a class or read up on it and get one and use it. You can rent the equipment. There are many articles online about green screen but seeing one in action will help you greatly understand it. It's not hard to do. It's really very easy with simple steps. It's like baking a cake. Follow the instructions and mix things correctly and you're going to come out with a pretty good cake. So, light the screen well and have your camera white balance right might be important and then you can use editing tools to put backgrounds or foregrounds and special effects in place of the green areas. There might be some scale modeling here. The sparks are probably added in post with special effects software.