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Maybe this question should be on one of the editing forums so feel free to move it. I am a complete beginner with film making but am very exciting and am about to start shooting my own James Bond Spoof. I have found a few freebies on Detonation Films which would be very useful but how do i edit them into the scene. For example theres one of gunshots hitting walls which i need to put on top of a wall. How do i do that?? (I only have windows movie maker).

Joseph Boyd

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I don't know much about using special effects, but I'm pretty much certain you need something other than MovieMucker. MM can only use those pointless prepackaged effects like 'film grain' and 'fade in'
The problem many of us face here is that real editing software is incredibley expensive, or in my case, my computer can't handle a decent editing software (I got Adobe Premiere 2.0 for christmas, but I use a AMD Athlon :x ). Try downloading Avid FreeDV, it comes preloaded with some effects, I'm not sure what, but it is more powerful than MM and will help you learn to use a real editing program (not that MM hasn't been a wonderful tool when I didn't have anything else, I still use it for projects that I just need to make a couple cuts on and that are just for family).


hey burgs, does movie maker let you set/change blend settings of a video clip to, for example, overlay or screen? if not, then it will be difficult to use demolition films' clips effectively. let me know. mc


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MM doesn't let you use overlay video tracks. So i't's not possible to chromakey (green/blue screen) footage with it.

Another option is to just buy Pinnacle studio 10+. It's a cheap video-editprogram which can realy help you learn the basics of video-editing.

Grt Zes

Jody Michelle Solis

It's a pitty you can't get someone to do the footage for you (i.e. keylight). As long as they save the file as quicktime animation millions plus. This would include the alpha(clear background)... As for how your software package would handle this footage is a different thing all together!


if you go to and search chroma key people have made blue/ green screen affects that are easy to add to MM, you just have to follow their directions