DAY 6 - Short Sci-Fi Film


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Very nice! I think you imitated the up to date cinematic style very well, especially the camera work. Also I thought the performance by the main guy was excellent.

There are some rough cuts towards the end, this bugged me especially with the disruptive sound. I'm not quite sure if I got the ending or if it even was there to be understood.

Other than that, from an amateur's perspective I'd say great job!


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Thanks! I what you mean about the rough parts. Things really got rushed I started to lose daylight. I've learned my lesson- no more one day shoots and save up some extra money for lights.

The ending is supposed to be abrupt. I want to the audience to be just as unsure about what's going on as the two characters are. Overall, my intent was for the audience to only know as much as the characters know, and I hope that came across.