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I put Daft Punk in the Pandora Radio this is really really good to work with
Just listened to Phantom Pt. II by Justice, now Breathe by Teleopmusik is on, been going at it for a couple of hours now. this is awsome stuff all of it! very nice to work with this cranking out. i cheated and set my age demographic to a 20 year old but yeah know, us half century old guys have to do what we can! :) my advise, work out, live and love, be happy, and tell the story! oh yeah, and sign up for the network! http://networking.studentfilmmakers.com
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Daft Punk / "Tron Legacy"

Daft Punk / "Tron Legacy"

Daft Punk did the film score for the movie "Tron Legacy."

They're in my playlist along with Art of Noise.

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