D3100 a good choice?


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Hello everyone,

I am interested in purchasing a DSLR for filmmaking. Now, before you ask why I am not just getting a video camera, it's because I have one, and like it, but I would like my secondary camera to be something different. Would you recommend the Nikon D3100, or would another brand be better? Keep in mind my price range is <$700.



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I'm researching cameras now, have been for a while. I may be able to help with what I've learned.

Th D3100 is pretty good, I like the fact that it does 24P.
However, it does not have an external-mic jack and does not have a swing out LCD.
I'm not sure what its AVC bit rate is, but I don't think it's as high as the latest Canons'.

The Canon T3i has swivel LCD, external-mic, 24P (plus other rates), and I think its AVC data rate is 24Mbps. It may be a little out of your price range @ $900, but I think worth saving longer for. In the meantime newer and better options may come along.

My list of features to look for:
-APS-C sensor
-Minimum 24Mbps AVC data rate.
-24P, preferably native 24P.
-External mic capability AND manual audio gain control.
-Swivel lcd.
-Remote control capability.
-Side feeding of memory cards and battery (or at least spaced far away from tripod screw socket on bottom,to allow replacing w/o dismounting).
-a/c power capability.

Hope this helps. Personally, I'd advise waiting a little while until you can spend more, or prices drop or new, affordable stuff comes along.

Good luck.