Laugh Over Life

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We recently have been uploading skits to YouTube. It's been fun, but we also want to try putting ourselves out there to receive more criticism from people who don't know us :D

This is the most recent video we made:

If you want to go even further and check out other content, you can check out the channel at

If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment on this post or even through YouTube.
Anything you say is appreciated, both good and bad. Be completely honest with what you think.

Thank you guys for checking this out!

Laugh Over Life

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Who writes, edits, what kind of camera and sound do you use?

We come up with our ideas and produce and whatever together, we don't really have delegated roles for any of that. Sometimes one of us might contribute more or less in those categories than other times.

But our editor and cinematographer is Sergio, he's in a few of the videos but isn't usually an actor. He uses a Sony A7s ii recently and some of our older content was with a rebel t2i. As far as audio goes we either use a rode mic on the camera or we might use voice memos on an iphone, or an h4