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Hey Everyone!
My name is Adrian Petrosian and I'm a 18 year old film student from St. Louis. I have been working with the blackmagic production camera for the last few months and have made a few shorts for my film classes. I would love to hear some feedback and things to work on. My directing theory teacher had us do a lot of scene remakes the last month.

Psycho Scene Remake:

The Shinning Scene Remake:

My (not) French New Wave Short:

Apple Pie Action Short:


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There was a lot done well in these clips.

Specifically the SHINING SCENE remake - One of the most important things Kubrick did with the steadicam tracking shots of the kid was making them at his eye level or lower. It made the audience empathize with Danny. In your version, the perspective radically changes to lower than eye level and it was jarring to me.

The lighting and performance were great. I thought the more modern version of his visions worked well.