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Hey, im new here :D

Bit about what i do, I create a series of shows with my friends about us living in a street. Bit like a soap but not always acting. It includes recreations of films and shows and our own ideas.

Anyway, one of our mates is leaving for University and his girlfriend is like the main star of the show.

So i was thinking to film "a train wave goodbye" cliche sort of thing lol? YAWN


Kill him off? hehehe

But like Coronation Street and Eastenders, that has to come with a motive before and loads of drama after. Basically a whole story why? and what now?

Any ideas Welcome and will be appreciated
Go wild


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Is there a basic story line? Maybe more suggestions will come if people know more about what's going on.

Or is it too late now and you've already shot this part?