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For Immediate Release Date: 6/18/2020

If we could ask kids around the world what they’re thinking and feeling right now, what would they say? Action for Media Education (AME) is inviting young people from 3-19 and their families to participate in an international online exhibit of creative work that reflects their lives in this time of COVID-19.

More than 40 countries are now participating in the Corona Multimedia Showcase initiative. Now AME seeks contributions from young people across the United States.

The Showcase provides a platform for children, youth and their families to create and display media projects in a variety of formats. These projects will be digitally published on our Showcase website.

The Showcase is intended to provide young people around the world with the opportunity to: · Express their thoughts, feelings and ideas · Engage them in reflecting critically on their work and support their best efforts · Help them share their experiences with other young people and their families around the world · Provide a place for them to display their creative work and express their own unique voices · Inspire hope and demonstrate that we will persevere, with our courage and creativity, during this crisis and into a new future

Please help us spread the word to your family, your community and those with whom you work: · Submissions and participation are free. · This is NOT a competition but a festival celebrating the creativity of children and youth throughout the world. · The deadline for submissions is July 10, 2020. All projects (reviewed by a large group of experts) will be posted on the Showcase website by the end of October.

To submit an entry, find ideas and resources and join the conversation: Corona Multimedia Showcase Twitter @coronashowcase Instagram #coronashowcase Facebook Corona Multimedia Showcase

For more information, please contact: Marilyn Cohen,