Converting VTS_._ files to avi



Hi Everybody,

first off, I'm extremely greatful to those folks that share their knowlegde
so kindly.I've been reading your expert, humorous and encouraging advice for others and it has helped me allready.
However, here's a question:
I'm getting a dvd from a band manager with this beautiful festival footage of his group performing and my (vegas 4.0 on pc) software can't open it.
Having dealt with mini-dv tapes only,I'm curious as to what software product would give me the best quality in converting these Power DVD files to avi. (when I explore the dvd they appear like this: VTS_._)

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Presumably they're .vob files? If so, there's a free program called something like 'flask mpeg' which can capture the video and convert it to .avi format... Google should find it.

Obviously you should only be doing that if you have permission to use the video, etc, etc.


Thank you Mark,

Exploring the video.ts folder as the dvd is in my dell 8300, it looks excactly like this: VTS_03_3 and identifies it as a Power Dvd File.
However, thanks for flaskmpeg I'm checking it out right now and I also was able to hook my regular dvd player to my dv cam (via s-video).
And last but not least, yes I do have permission to edit the footage for promotional purposes only and that's all I'm doing with it.
thanks again and best regards,