Converting sessions from Avid Pro to Final Cut Pro


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Hello everybody

I have been working on Avid Pro for some time and have alot of unfinished editing work on Avid. I have a Macbook pro now and want to start using Final Cut Pro... Does anyone know if it is possible to convert Avid timelines to final cut pro and if possible, what program to use?


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it came with avid... just export from avid an ALE and then go into Avid Log Exchange and change it into FCP... or was it... no I'm pretty sure its Avid ALE...

well hope that was it.. I usualy dont convert from Avid to FCP... gl!


Only way to do it is with Automatic Duck's software that converts from Avid to FCP projects. I know lots of folks who use the XML/EDL exchange method, and get very frustrated with the tons of editing info that does NOT transfer this way. FCP does not recognize ALE, only the industry standard EDL. ALE is proprietary and almost no NLE recognizes it but Avid. Another reason Avid has lost so much market share; overly proprietary and overly expensive.

But I'm sure we'll see Avid condense from a dozen products into only two, the prices will drop, and they'll become more industry standardized, over the 2008 period. That, or they'll just die. But I digress.


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Even with Automatic Duck you have to recapture your footage. There is not way to just convert and Avid project to FCP and use the existing captured media. It's always a recapture. You can export Quicktimes from Avid that FCP can read but then you lose timecode, reel #s.. much easier to do a recapture.