converting 16 mm to DVD?



I'd like to purchase the equipment to convert 16 mm to DVD. I already have Canon GL2 camcorder and video editing software, but I'd like to know the best equipment to capture the 16mm to my camcorder without having to project the footage onto a wall. Is there something where I could project the image as closely to the camcorder as possible? If so, can you name the equipment?

I read that a telecine is best, but will just any telecine work well?

Thank you so much in advance!


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There are cheap boxes where you point the projector in one side and point a camcorder in the other side and tape the output of the projector on the camcorder, but from what I've heard the quality isn't great. A proper telecine will be your best best; ideally you'd want to telecine to Digibeta or better, but DV would be OK if your final output will be on DVD and you won't be doing much processing after capturing the footage.