Continuing Education, Red Camera Workshop in NYC: Come Join Us This Saturday


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An exciting, "must-attend" continuing education RED Technology Workshop and Networking Event in New York City and StudentFilmmakers Magazine is proud to announce the Red Technology Workshop with William Donaruma, which will take place in New York, New York on Saturday, August 1, from 10am to 3pm.

An in-depth, practical, and interactive exploration of the RED technology workflow with demonstrations of a RED ONE camera system, this continuing education workshop will begin with a case study of "Shooting P2 in a remote environment" with example footage from the documentary, "Strong Bodies Fight." We will then deeply explore the RED ONE camera system, which is notably referred to as NOT a video camera. We will discuss the RED theory and philosophy as a camera system, and explore the design, menus, and workflow. The workshop will feature an interactive segment where the RED ONE camera body will be taken out of the box, and steps on "how to build the RED ONE camera" will be demonstrated. We will end the day with a demonstration of a RED ONE camera and Q&A.
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