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Hello everyone, I'm Kyero.

I am an aspiring composer searching for any opportunity I can to score for films. The film genres I am most comfortable composing for are Horror, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. My software of choice is EastWest, of which I have access to the Composer Cloud Complete subscription meaning I have access to ALL East West products which gives me a very large palettes of sounds and instruments to choose from so I can get just the right sound for your project.

I am primarily an orchestral composer, and I specialize in creating motifs which serve to connect and identify characters and themes throughout a piece. I believe that themes and motifs are becoming less popular these days as opposed to music which just fills up space, so if you just want ambient music for your piece then I can do it. But I prefer it when I have definitive characters to write for as the mixing and blending of motifs and themes is part of what makes music in film so memorable.

When you can hum a particular character or film/video game's main theme and always associate that theme with said character/film/game, something was done right. Jaws. Superman (Christopher Reeves films). Star Wars. Jurassic Park. Indiana Jones. Lord of the Rings. Skyrim. Legend of Zelda. Mario. You see what I mean?

If you need examples of my work, I invite you to visit my SoundCloud page ( where I have dozens of samples ready to be listened to ranging from simple Sibelius exported projects such as the "Dragon's Revenge" playlist (which I believe is the best example of my ability to write a central "theme" to a concept), to more intricate and detailed pieces such as the pieces in the "Role-Play Character/RP Themes" playlist.

I hope you enjoy and, if you find my music and style suitable, I hope you will consider me for your project. I am very flexible and willing to work with you regardless of your budget and circumstances. All I ask is that you are upfront with me about what you are prepared to require of me as a composer (time frame, deadlines, preferred genre/style, instrument/sound palette, etc.) and inform me right away of whether you are in a position to pay or not, as I will presume the project pays if you don't say anything at all.

Thank you for your time everyone!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

~ Kyero
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