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Randall O.

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Hi, I am a film composer looking to collaborate with a short film filmmaker. I would love to score the music for a <5 min short film. I have many examples of film music I have composed on my website, along with video demos of my scoring music to film. If you are a filmmaker reading this I would like to help you make your short film the best it can be musically. I successfully completed courses in composing music for film at Berklee College of Music so I understand how to composer music for various genres and how to stay out of the way of dialog and sound effects. I can compose and produce fully orchestral music if needed using my computer and a vast collection of instrument libraries used to come close to what a film scoring stage with musicians can do. I have composed music for most genres including: horror, drama, action, thriller, mystery, romance, comedy, fantasy, and adventure.
Randall O.


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