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I've been composing for about eight years and I have a great interest in writing for film. I'm really just trying to get some experience, so yay for you, I'm willing to do anything for free. I write in a lot of styles including classical, pop and rock. Piano is my instrument, so the majority of my music is written for the piano. (I love the piano! Greatest instrument ever made!) But I'm willing to do anything and go in any direction you have in mind. I don't have a website at the moment, but I'm planning on having one as soon as I collect the audio for some of my scores. Free feel to e-mail me. Hope you are having a great day, because I am! Peace.

Kim Welch

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I love to compose music myself. I have a piano i play almost everyday and I sometimes I think of movies as a place for my music. have you done anything like this before?

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