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I am a composer trying to get a foot in the door and as such I am now offering my music completely free for any use from!
All I ask is that where possible you credit me and give a link to my website and if you are using my music for a commercial project consider making a donation.

I have also decided to let customers decide how much/whether to pay for commissioned music, I would rather be working on something than not so if you can’t pay just drop me a line and as long as time allows I will produce what you need for whatever your budget even for free if the project is interesting.

I am a professional and all my work is high quality but at the moment I am keen to build a portfolio of work and contacts so make the most of the opportunity for cheap/free music!

I would be grateful if you could spread the word.



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I am Anatoli Kostov from Bulgaria. I hear your author music. It's like me! I am filmaker. When I shooting Future Films I need to a composer from my student films. Do you want to send me your music to my films. Write me on e-mail or skype. Soon!

skype: anatoli_kostov1248

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Composers Group in the Network

Composers Group in the Network

You guys know we have a composures group and a place to upload your samples music in the networking section. I am sorry if the navigation here is not the easiest to navigate! :) sign up here at