'Complete the Missions' video contest!


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Hi everyone!

We just finished up the Tenacious D video contest and we got some hilarious entries! Oh man... one girl pretened to get plastic surgery she liked Jack Black so much... her head was all bandaged up and then she morphed her face with that of JB at the end... hahah

ANYWAY here are the details for the new contest:

You must perform and capture on video at least one mission from the following list:

ask a stranger out on a date
dance somewhere inappropriate
treasure hunt for obscure items
bring hot coffee or tea to a construction worker
carry someone’s groceries
mow someone’s lawn

You’re invited to ‘complete’ as many missions as you want. The actual missions can be real or staged... But they should all be entertaining! And each missions should be under 3 minutes. Deadline is Dec 5, but you should get started now.

Prize for this one is $1,000 cash plus select titles from the Activision library for Xbox360. Runners up get $250 plus a copy of the Call of Duty 3.

Go check out the contest page:


and email me at lupolux@gmail.com if you need more details or something.