Communicative dynamics from a directorial perspective...



There are some very respectable actors out there who have a sensible understanding of the communicative dynamics within a production.
To some degree, the director wants to be an actor and the actor wants to be a director and the moments between an actor and a director on set are like escapism, where both get to change hats and free their imaginations. But, it isn’t like that with everyone on the set.

For a director there are a greater number of production elements to take into account, and the capacity for understanding the dynamics of a production requires greater control. Even though the director may not be capable of controlling each production element, they continue to try, and in trying to control everything, I believe that it often has an adverse effect on the production.


I think you're right... and that's why a lot of newer filmmakers on their way up seem to be buying into a very collaborative style of filmmaking...
where they know what they want, but they trust the individuals working on those other elements to get the job done without having to hover over them time & again.

It really is a wonderful thing when you just let yourself trust another artist, and converse at length what you both need out of a project... and then when things begin to come together it can be really amazing how it comes out!

Great point Digi... I think this would be a wonderful topic to discuss.
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