Comedy Script: Looking for feedback.



read the script

read the script

first off I would like to say that I am a big 80's buddy-picture fan, and this script (so far), reads as if you are a big fan and student as well.
I did like the Mike character and he plays nicely off Stepehen (I always take to the mischeif maker).
There are some small things I would change like the name Saint Falls.
And a bit of what the French guys say, (also they should probably speak french as opposed to english with a french accent).
otherwise it is a cute, and I did laugh out loud once (when Mike hits the girl with the football).
It does have some Clerks-ish aspects, but Clerks is also a big homage to 80's movies.
But all in all I like it, and would love to see a revival of this type of comedy. So: right on Man.
Keep at it :p