Color Correction Using Final Cut Pro X :: Seminar Date, July 17


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<p> <em>How to Use the Powerful Color Correction Tools in Final Cut Pro X</em></p>
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<p>Don't forget to sign up for the <strong>Color Correction Using Final Cut Pro X</strong> seminar, which is scheduled for July 17, 2013. </p>
<p>This three hour seminar will show you how to use the powerful color correction tools built right inside Final Cut Pro X. </p>
<p><strong>Topics include: </strong></p>
<li>Understanding Color Correction</li>
<li>Using an Appropriate Display</li>
<li>Using the Highest Quality Media</li>
<li>Using Original or Optimized Media</li>
<li>Manually Relinking Offline Clips</li>
<li>Learning the Color Correction Interface</li>
<li>Exploring the Interface</li>
<li>Applying Automatic Color Adjustments</li>
<li>Controlling iMovie Adjustments</li>
<li>Using Video Scopes</li>
<li>Adjusting Contrast Using the Color Board</li>
<li>Using the Color Controls</li>
<li>Manually Eliminating Color Casts</li>
<li>Adjusting Color Temperature Creatively</li>
<li>Using the Global Color Control</li>
<li>Adjusting Saturation</li>
<li>Changing Saturation with Contrast Adjustments</li>
<li>Dissolving Between Two Grades </li>
<li>And much more!</li>
<p><strong>You will be taught in a complete hands-on environment, working with multicam footage and learning how to edit as if you were in a classroom with your instructor.</strong></p>
<p><strong>The seminar is scheduled for July 17th, LIVE ONLINE starting at 9AM-12PM, PST. </strong>The cost of the seminar is $19.99. </p>
<p>You will have access to the video archive for two weeks after the seminar, so if you're not available on July 17th, you can still take the seminar, so <a href="" target="_blank">sign up</a>!  </p>
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