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Hey everyone,

I just applied to take the Cinematography course this Spring and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it.

I've been doing camera work for local news here in NY for over three years, so I have a pretty good handle on composition, DOF, shot angles, etc...but I would like to start heading towards the direction of DP/Camera Op for commercials and narrative work.

I have a one semester course in 16mm silent film (shot with Bolex cameras), that I did in 2003 as part of my BA. We did the basics of exposure, working with the Bolex, and film cutting.

What I'm hoping for is that now with more experience of shot language and lighting that I can apply the knowledge to film and produce better images.

Do you think the course will frustrate someone who already knows the bare bones basics?
Do you think the course teaches skills to help one become a camera assistant?
Is it very hands-on?

I know they also offer an advanced cinematography course. Have you heard anything about this class?

Thank you so much for your help.


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No film can be made without a cinematographer. The fundamentals of film and video photography are powered extensively in the ZIMA syllabus. The students are imparted through training by esteemed ZIMA faculty, who have rich experience in films, TV, ad films, corporate films, etc. ZIMA's cinematography course is valued among the best cinematography programmes in India.
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