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ken devito

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Hi All,

I'm just an amateur videographer, I'm using Canon EOS70D with Sigma DC 18-250mm,
My gimbal is moza air 2
I'm gonna share a youtube video link here, I'm trying to understand and to find out what do I need in order to be able to shot the same cinematic video. Can anyone tell me how do I film the same panoramic style with the same movement between room to room as it shows in the video, is it the lens, video editor, different gimbal?
Your help will be appreciated!

Video Link:



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Hello ken devito!
Shooting a video like that can be done by using either a Gimbal or a drone. I saw that you already have a gimbal, therefore, you can film it by moving slow and then change the speed of the video in your preferred editing software, in order to make it faster.