Choosing the Right Screenwriting Software

Maura B.

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I have watched the video and indeed it seems a very useful tool for screenwriters. I will check it out, I have a friend who asked me to recommend him such a program a few days ago.


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I have used WriterDuet for four years and this is my honest opinion...all the amazing things you have heard about WriterDuet is true! It is a great tool to fuel your creativity. I’ve used it to write numerous shorts and two feature film scripts (working on a third currently, based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs). And it’s absolutely free. Use WriterDuet, you won’t regret it.

Kim Welch

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I want to try WriterDuet when I have time. I have several things I am working on but they are all in word files. I wonder how hard it will be to bring them into the WriterDuet cloud.
For writing, whatever works for the individual, but if you want to be a working Screenwriter, you need to use Final Draft.
Writing a good script is not enough. You might sell it, but you probably won't be on the project unless you can breakdown and tag that script for export into Scheduling and Budgeting Software.
Not all software is compatible. I use Industry Standards Final Draft 11 and Movie Magic Scheduling 6 and Budgeting 7, and still, the script does not export/import all that great. $1,000 worth of software, and yet someone has to go through the script line-by-line every time it's imported/exported to another program. Even so, it's a full day or more faster than not being able to import the script at all. And the script might be passed between programs half-a-dozen times. In short, as a Producer, Writer's who can't use Final Draft are a pain in the butt, and all things being equal the FD Writer gets the nod, because I either have to hire someone to re-type it in FD or do it myself, just to evaluate it for production. A good script and a producible script are nor always the same, and figuring out the difference is a Producer's job. Script submissions I got; time I don't. The FD Writer gets the nod.
Because of all this, it's the policy of Secret Life Productions to require Writer's to work in FD, which we provide as a courtesy if the Writer doesn't already have it. But it's a HUGE plus if you know how to use it. ALL PROS DO.


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With all due respect, I think there’s a great deal of gray area. While what you say may be true in respect to the current industry, many want to produce their own films, which I think is a viable a creatively preferable option. I believe the current over reliance on FD for screenwriters is a mistake. At the end of the day content matters more than the medium. At least that’s my opinion.