Character Study Suggestions



I am going to major in college in film and I need to submit a ten minute piece as part of a portfolio to be included with my application. I want to do a character study of some sort. Through all of your experiences, what suggestions might you have for me? What type of character should I use and what topic should I focus upon? Being a teenager, would you suggest that I focus on a teenager since I am more familiar with that age or dive into other ages? Should there be any major plot, or just how a character responds to an everyday event in their own unusual, unique way? All help would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Kessler

New member
Perhaps two radically different characters?

Gay basher/Gay activist
Devoutly religious/Athiest
How teens see senior citizens/How senior citizens see teens

Focusing on differences can create tension, highlighting similarities can create comedy.

Just my 2 ducats.