Casting Call for Action Series [Ontario, Canada Area only plz]


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I am providing an opportunity for cast and crew to create and execute this collaborative Action Series, doing it for the fun and experience, and for free.

Cast and crew should be specifically in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area or the surrounding areas so Transportation wouldn't be a large hassle.

This action series follows this Two Man Army where they execute various missions and objectives, often around the world. Their existence is rather unknown. This is an action series where prop guns, running and gunning will occur, close quarter combat, gun reloading, throwing stuff, possibly the operation of a vehicle (snow mobile, car, van, truck)

Also, this is an Internet Series which will be posted on YouTube. Also, this is a collaborative, creative project where it's an young, high school aspiring film maker who wishes to create an action series for the fun and experience. I have several ideas, videos and visions in my head and I want to make it happen, get it on film and present it to everyone. I'm providing this opportunity so you can provide the opportunity to help me create the vision, the series, the episodes, everything.

General benefits:
Fun and experience, you can't teach experience and you can't make a film without actually making it. Here we will have fun and learn with this so in the future, we are better at it than before. Be part of something fun and worth making. So after making one episode, the second will be better and it continues on.

Reels: You can obtain the footage for your reels.

More requirements: To take the role, you need to be dedicated throughout the production of this series, which may be over several years, a creation of a movie any be possible. Also, to take the role, you are most likely responsible for getting your own clothing, props (such as guns possibly), transportation. The reason is because since we are all doing this for free, the production crew in general cannot get props such as guns, armor, clothing while they are too busy with getting cameras, planning shots, etc. So as an actor/actress, please consider helping the production out by obtaining the required equipment and sharing it throughout the production.

Work times:
All of the actual filming will hopefully happen in Summer 2011 where we will work as a team to film the episodes, probably whenever everyone is not busy. It will be a few days for filming, then a break for editing, etc.

Roles we are looking for actors for:

Character 1: White, male, in his 20s, medium, short-ish build.
Eyes: Any colour.
Height: about 6 feet
Hair: Any
Stuff: Army Clothing such as mask, helmet, body armor, your own BB Gun (usually M16 or M4A1 but can be TAR21, AUG, FAMAS, stereotypical good guy guns), fake ballistic knives, grenades.

Character 2: White, male, in his 20s, medium-large, tall build.
Eyes: Any colour.
Height: about 8-12 feet
Hair: Any
Stuff: Army Clothing such as mask, helmet, body armor, your own BB Gun (usually M16 or M4A1 but can be TAR21, AUG, FAMAS, stereotypical good guy guns), fake ballistic knives, grenades.

Appearing in a few episodes:
Main Antagonist (name could be your name): White or Asia, female, early 20s, slim, tall build, beautiful.
Eyes: Any colour
Height: 7-9 feet
Hair: Any
Stuff: Own BB guns but we may get you one or two. Stereotypical bad ass, female look. Jumpsuit of some sort, black, etc.

General Bad Guys (during his production, we will be looking for a few to play as the terrorists in this production. This isn't a long term role and we only need 5 or so since we can use them over and over again. But we may need more for larger episodes and locations. Also, male, 20s-30s.
Stuff: Armor, BB guns: AK47s or shotguns, pistols, masks, cargo pants, etc. Stereotypical middle East terrorist look.

General Good Guys: You can be in both, where you take part as the EVAC team, RECON Team or Back-up for both Leon and Jester. For this, you can just switch to an M16, M4, MP5 or whatever "good guy" gun we have. Possibly an important role who will help Leon and Jester from time to time throughout the series.
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casing call post in the filmmakers networking section

casing call post in the filmmakers networking section

i am not sure if you know this or if you are already aware of it but you can post all your calls for crew and talent in the networking section. there is a job post link at the top. just sign up free and post free at