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Hi guys,

I just got my Avid XPress Pro HD with Mojo. Frustrating thing is every time I try to capture footage I get an error message (including 'Exception' errors 2006.05.05_20.37.35.

Another problem is that when I do manage to capture something, all I get are still images even though the sound plays well from beginning to end. I'm capturing from the JVC GY-HD101E camcroder thru Mojo. Has anyone got any suggestions what I should next? I tried contacting Avid but I'm not getting much useful help. I wish I had known all these issues with Avid before I bought it. SOS please!



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what's your video card. If its not one which has Open GL, then its not going to work unless you roll back to a much older version of Avid, like 4.1

Ummmm I've got an ATI, and it does the same thing. I've just baught my self an Nvidia, because it's the card of choice for avid and such softwares. Check out this list of certified video cards... if your's is not on it, then that might be the reasone why...

Graphics Cards (Workstations)

* NVIDIA QuadroFX 3500 PCI Express
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 3450 PCI Express
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 1500 PCI Express
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 1400 PCI Express
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 1300 PCI Express
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 560 PCI Express
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 550 PCI Express
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 1100 AGP 8X
* NVIDIA QuadroFX 500 AGP 8X

Graphics Cards (Notebooks)

* NVIDIA QuadroFX 1500M
* NVIDIA Quadro FX 350M
* NVIDIA Quadro FX Go1400
* ATI Mobility FireGL V5200*
* ATI Mobility Fire GL V5000*
* ATI Mobility Radeon X600*


mojo issues

mojo issues

definatly get a ninvida card it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run also try the settings on your system and see how your capture device and software are interacting