Capturing Streaming video


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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to capture streaming video, and if possible can it be used in FCP. I am working on a special effect and the only source of video I can find that meets my requirements is a streaming video.


well, first off, if you're using something that's streaming off the web and that's the only access you have to it, that tells me you don't own the video. You need to be careful about using that footage, as it could lead you to trouble legally.

Second, there's really no easy way to capture streaming video anymore (at least not legally) for that very fact. Content distributors and providers realized people were "stealing" their content by capturing the video (this is a whole other discussion), and so they had most of the software makers take their products off the web.

If you're dead set on doing this, you can do a google search to see if you can find some software. For legal reasons, I won't condone doing this.


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What website are you getting the streaming video from? I can be of some help if I know your source, thanks ;).


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if it's anything ending in .asx
give up.
it's the only microsoft encryption product that hasn't been cracked yet.

if it's anything else.
happy hunting :]

programs like camtasia and the like...
screen recorders are what you're looking for.


To be truly technical, when you stream video, you are actually capturing it. If you know where to look on your computer you can find the video you just streamed. It's located in a temporary files folder for your web browser. If what I just said is completely beyond you, try doing the: "Right Click - Save Target As..." trick and see if that works. More often than not it will.

Happy downloading! And as Filmosity said, be careful about using that footage as your own.