capturing final edit from miniDV, outputting to DVD



Hey guys,

I just finished editing a music video that I printed to video onto a miniDV tape, which is going to be color-corrected and given back to me on another miniDV tape. I then want to make DVDs (both playable DVDs and data DVDs) of the final project from that miniDV tape.

When I get the tape, what settings should I use to capture the footage into Final Cut? What should my sequence preset and capture preset be? The footage was 24p.

And what settings should I use to then export the project if I want it as clean and uncompressed as possible?

Thanks so much!


Capture/Sequence settings should match the footage on the Mini-DV tape, which will be NTSC-DV, or PAL-DV, depending which side of the puddle you stand on.

Compressing for DVD covers a variety of variables. I highly recommend the APTS book, "Compressor Quick-Reference Guide". It'll make the process very easy for you to understand.