Cameras are fun...

Cameras are fun...

Feature films, at least the ones that strive for quality, tend to employ Panavision and/or Arri 35mm Cameras.

However, there’s a trend for filmmakers to shoot on Super 16mm and go through a DI process and transfer to 35mm in post.

High Definition Features, such as the ones that Lucas and Rodriguez make, employ Sony HDW-F950's with Panavision Primo High Def Lenses. Thomson Grass Valley’s High Def Viper Stream Cameras are also used extensively for High Def productions. Other High Def features employ Panasonic's AJ-HDC27 High Def Camera, which has some unique features.

Arri is expected to release their High Def Camera pretty soon, which employs a single 6MP 35mm CMOS sensor to capture clean images. DALSA is also expected to release their High Def Camera, with an 8MP sensor and a wicked range in frame rate adjustability for under and overcranking. Most of these cameras have to wait for memory technology to catch up, because for right now, there isn't enough storage to handle the raw material.

Hopefully, molecular memory will make into the market stream soon, when that happens; the possibilities will practically be infinite.