Camera Traps

Hey there! I was wondering about camera traps for a documentary I'm doing. I've seen a lot about photography in camera traps, but non in videography camera traps (for a DSLR). Any ideas how I could film an animal in a camera trap with a DSLR?

Maura B.

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Hello there!

You will need a gimbal, a tripod and a lavalier and preferably at least 56mm lens.


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What kinds of animals are you wanting to capture? What is your documentary about? What are the locations that you'd like to setup the camera traps?

Regarding camera, so you want to shoot video on DSLR for your camera trap setup? You can shoot with some models of Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras and capture high-quality HD or 4k video camera trap footage.

Maura, I'm not sure about the gimbal 🙂 Why do you think he would need a gimbal?

If you’re a budding or professional videographer who’s serious about video quality, it’s probably worth adding a gimbal to your kit 🙂

But in this case you're wanting to setup camera traps to shoot video.

cinematographerguy08, tell us more about your project!