Camera for secondary usage and transfering video


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Hello all,

I currently have a Sony VX2000 camera. I love it and am having a great time shooting with it.

However, I would like a way to transfer my mini-DV tapes to my computer for editing without using the VX2000. I don't want to put any extra usage on the heads if I don't have to.

I looked into VTR's, but they are really expensive and seem to be $1000+ at least.

So my question is, what would you recomend for a cheap camera to accomplish this?
I was thinking of the Canon ZR series, looking at ones such as the ZR50, ZR65, and up to the ZR80 and ZR90.
What I would like to do with this camera is use it as my primary mode to transfer video to my computer for editing and to use as a secondary camera (mainly for behind the scenes kind of stuff, or hand-held by the actor(s) kind of things).
Obviously, I'm not looking for anything as high quality as the VX I currently have: 1 CCD is fine, and I would like it fairly small (easily useable in 1 hand). Basically, more of a consumer type of camera than the 'prosumer' VX.
The only things I would like to have the ability to have on it, is 16-bit audio so it is compatible with the VX2000, and a 16x9 mode would be nice also.
Some bonuses that are not necessary are night shooting mode, manual focus, the ability to attach an XLR mic add-on, although I would expect most of these features to drive up the price past what I hope to pay.
Lastly, I would like my price range to be around $100 or less.

What do you guys think? I'm open to any brands and options and if need be, I can probably go a little bit over my budget.

Thanks and feel free to ask any questions if I didn't provide enough information for you!


An cam that reads Mini-DV will work. As for capturing with the VX, playback is not that big of a deal. It's the rewinding and fast forwarding that tears up the motor. You can get a Mini-DV rewinder to do that for you. I have a Sima model SRW-62, used it for years, love it.