Camera Audio Simplified: Location Audio for Camera Operators


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Camera Audio Simplified: Location Audio for Camera Operators


158 pages
Paperback: 9781138185333
Publisher: Routledge


You’ve spent a lot of time learning how to use the features of your video camera to take amazing pictures, but chances are the audio always gives you trouble! Today, with production budgets shrinking, many are being asked to go-it-alone and sound is a frequent pain point that can drag production value down to an amateur level. To achieve great sound to go along with great video, you need to go beyond "automatic" mode and take control – know as much about microphones as you do about lenses with the help of Camera Audio Simplified. Author Dean Miles gives you the skills you need to capture quality location audio with your camera mic, wireless system, lavaliers, and handheld microphones. You’ll get step-by-step guidance to help elevate your sound from amateur to professional – and build your career and video production business.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction 01
Sharing the knowledge 02
Why is the audio in video production
So bad so often? 03
A little about the author 04
Chapter 2 - The Location 07
Choosing and Prepping the location 08
Shot type vs. sound requirements 09
What do you need to listen for when choosing
A location that has sound requirements? 16
When should you implement these listening
Techniques into your shooting process? 20
Prepping the location 21
Common trouble makers 22
Chapter 3 – sound elements 25
Sound Elements 26
Sound Elements you need to capture while shooting 32
Chapter 4 – video cameras 39
Common video camera functions 41
Always check your recordings 51
Chapter 5 – Camera-mounted mic 53
Camera-mounted mic 54
Pick-up pattern diagrams 56
Bass roll-off 58
Cancellation ports 59
Shock mounts and wind suppression 60
Headphones 63
Calibrating the camera for a camera-mounted mic 64
What audio can you record with a camera mic? 68
Metering 72
How do you know when you can’t record
Dialogue with a camera-mounted mic? 74
Chapter 6 – lavalier mics 77
Lavalier microphones 78
Wind 79
Clothing noise 81
Hardwired lavalier 82
Entering someone’s personal space 84
Lavalier wiring kit 88
Body micing 89
Exposed micing – News style 91
Hidden micing – Button shirts 96
Hidden micing – Porous fabric 100
Hidden micing – Skin, chest area 104
Micing on the head 108
Hidden micing – Hats, baseball caps 109
Hidden micing – Glasses 112
Chapter 7 – Wireless systems 117
Wireless systems 118
Wireless basics 120
RF signal 121
Calibrating the wireless transmitter 124
Calibrating the wireless receiver 127
Chapter 8 – Handheld mics 133
Dynamic microphones 134
Setting the input levels when hardwired 136
Setting the input levels when using a wireless system 137
Chapter 9 – DSLR cameras 139
DSLR cameras 140
The built-in camera mic 143
Camera-mounted mic set up 145
Keeping in sync 146
More books and online courses – there’s just more! 152

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There is an excellent set of 13 very short videos available FREE on the Audio Technica youtube playlist that cover basic audio for video techniques. I was involved in the production as a writer/consultant, though I do not appear physically in the videos themselves as talent.

Although Fred Ginsburg is listed here as a "Junior Member", he is a very experienced and award winning soundmixer, one of our contributing authors to the magazine, a member of the Cinema Audio Society, and even has a PhD in (Production Sound)
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