calling freelance film makers, student needs your help!


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hello everyone, noob vikki here, im a 3rd year uni student i the uk and need some help off the freelancers out there,, i need to gather your opinions on the profession to give me a better idea of what to expect when i leave uni, bit scared to be honest!

thanx so much if u have the time to answer any or all of these questions!!

1 - Do you enjoy freelancing?

2 - Which Method did you secure your last project (portfolio, word of mouth, friends, interview) was the most common method?

3- Is it really as fast paced and stressful as everyone tells me? If so, How do you deal with this?

4 - Does the pay match the hour, is it worth it economically, or if the pay isn’t great do the creative rewards make up for it?

5 - What’s the worst project you’ve ever been involved with?

6 - What was the hardest project you were ever involved with that came through in the end, what’s the worst the job can be like basically?

7 - Any advice for a new starter?



1- Yes, very much, best career I've ever had!

2- My sisters run the plant, so, duh, I was hired for the project. But yeah, word of mouth is the most common way you get work in any field. Film/video is no different.

3- Yes and no, each project is different. But most are on impossible deadlines the client demands of you, so, mostly, you are pushing yourself to do more each day. How do I deal with the stress? I drink a lot of Jim Beam. But seriously, you have to be able to manage your stress well. I fly stunt kites, fish, spend time on the water, etc. If you can't handle stress, and major assholes you have to be polite to, this business will kill you.

4- In any profession, if the creative/productive rewards aren't enough, get out of that profession. Same here. Almost no one gets rich doing this. If you're lucky, you get to live middle class. Again, it will only give you what you put into it. If you don't have a passionate love for your profession with a passion, no matter what you do, STOP, change professions.

5- Writing this post. Just kidding. I started many years ago doing weddings. Half of them were nightmares due to client attitude, location problems, etc. Wedding/event video work is some of the most demanding, least paying, most stressful, I do NOT miss it. Or it's be the music video I did for John Thomas Griffith of the band Cowboy Mouth. Did a video for "Everybody Loves Jill" off his "Apples to Onions" CD. He never stayed in touch, never coughed up for the finances, I basically did it for free for him, and then never heard from him again. You get clients like that, they're users, they'll rip you off in a New York second. What really made it bad is, he and I have been friends for a very long time... until now... NEVER do work for family or friends, unless you charge FULL PRICE and do the whole contract thing and can treat is like they are not your family/friend. And that is rare to pull off successfully.

6- Oh, so many stories, where do I begin? The worse the job can be like is you do a project, work your butt off, bend over backwards until your spine snaps, and the client STILL rips you off and tells people it was your fault. But that happens in every business. Again, if you don't have a passionate love for your career, change careers ASAP.


ask yourself....are you in it for the $$$ or in it to do what u love...if its the first one....g'luck....if ure in it cause you love'll find a way to manage. just keep at it and be happy your one of the few people doing what you love.