Call For Entries - Tally Shorts Film Festival

Tally Shorts

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The 2nd annual Tally Shorts Film Festival in Tallahassee, Florida is open for entries and looking for top-notch short films! We welcome all sorts of filmmakers, animators, and story tellers and are always on the lookout to fill our screens and spread the wealth of cinema. We strive to provide our audience with a wide collection of films, which is why we love shorts! There is no better way to experience a fantastic variety of film than with a great selection of shorts all brought together in one exciting event!

Show us what’s in your shorts!

To submit simply go to

Regular Submission – $10 (Dec. 26th – Jan. 25th)
Late Submission – $15 (Jan. 26th – Feb. 9th)

Max Length:
25 minutes
Please note: Length includes all credits and graphics, any films received that exceed 25 minutes will not be considered.

Release Date:
Must have a production release date no earlier than 01/01/2012.

Narrative, Animation, Experimental, Documentary, most any genre is acceptable, however we maintain the right to exclude films based on content that is found unsuitable.

To submit simply go to

All submissions will be reviewed by our selection committee and you will be notified by email once a decision has been made on your film. Final selections will be made no later than Feb. 20, 2013.