c Video, Shot With a Cheap Aiptek HD Camera


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Here it is.
My first attempt at a music video.
It was shot with an Aiptek A-HD+ - a cheap pocket cam with zero controls and no manual settings.

Watch it in HD (button in the lower right corner of the player).


Apparently things are on the not-so-serious side but I need your opinion, guys.


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it is like you are forcing something. i don't believe in it. the sound is supposed to mimick a deamon from hell? i just think that we grow from relationships and even bad relationships. and, if you really found something evil in her and you could communicate what you found clearly we would hear th evil instead of trying to make her sound evil with the heavy metal and hard voice styles. and the video needs help.


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Hey dude, thanks for commenting.
The whole thing is a joke (apparently???).
English is not my native language (you have guessed this already, haven't you?), and I hope this makes things even funnier.

The whole deal is that I was experimenting with my cheap HD camera - Aiptek-AHD+ and I wanted to find out if it could be used for something more than videotaping your little daughter's first play at school.

I also wanted to try out iTunes as a service. If a turd like that sells a copy on iTunes, then I hope my real album will do too.

Tell me more about what things should be fixed in the video.
I will try to correct them in the next round.

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