Business,in the scriptwriting art,how it works?,im new in this


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Hello, im introducing in the business of the scriptwriting (specially for films for now) but I only know about 3 methods to sell a work...

These are:

-Normal trade: making a normal transaction between the film house and the writer,the house get the rights of that material

-Salary: working for number of pages....¿?

-Special:Giving the script to the house, the writer waits a year meanwhile the movie is being produced ,then,when it releases and start having financial winnings with box office,they give to the writer a percentaje,and the writer retaining the ownership (legal rights) of the material

As you can see I'm extremely newbie at this..., I will appreciate so much your advices, thanks for reading

Jared Isham

A very small percentage of people make a living off of selling spec scripts. Probably the most common form of making money as screenwriter is through ghost writing or being hired to do rewrites. To get to that level it usually takes a lot of practice a lot of spec scripts, etc.

The first thing to do as a screenwriter is to just start writing. Try submitting to some festivals once you feel you've achieved a level that is award worthy...but always have more than one script. If you only have one, the chances of someone thinking you can sustain a career are pretty slim.

Hope that helps.