Brainstorm - I have resources, but what should I do with them?


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G'day forum.

Between a few good friends, I've worked out that I've got the resources to film a car chase sequence. Naturally this isn't going to be a James Bond production - I'm well aware of that! I do think, however, that it's possible to actually make it happen.

It's important to note this is more of a technical exercise than a short film. I want to see what we can do, not sell movie tickets. Yes, I need a story - of course I do - but equally I am not adverse to hitting cliches etc.

Most resources come from three friends - they are providing a Canon 5D with many lenses, a brand spanking new Jaguar XF, and an Audi A3 S-line. I've got a capable crew of four who know their way around equipment. I have roads that are ideal for this kind of shoot (remote countryside - there's no way I could/would do this in a town).

What I need is the story - a car chase is boring an uninteresting without the story. Here is my musings so far:

Current plan:
Gent in a suit waiting outside a cafe. He's obviously looking agitated. He has a briefcase.
There is an alleyway opposite. Another gent looks around the corner and notices the suited man. He watches for a second as the suited man receives a phone call and stands up, turning to face the alleyway.
The two men see each other. The suited man starts to run, and the second man follows.
They reach a car park and enter their cars - a car chase then ensues.
Eventually, the suited man escapes. He pulls up in a car park, breathing quickly. He thinks he has escaped.
The second man has left his car and appears on foot around the corner.
- there is an ending

Nothing I have said is set in concrete - everything is changeable. So lets hear any ideas you may have - why would two cars be chasing each other?