Blood spray - "Pull String" method, advice/suggestions please!


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Hi all,

After a few experiments with the bullet hit that you pull the string, I run into a few problems. I am using water balloons as the blood holder, and fishing lines as the string tied to a piece of plastic with a hole in the middle sitting on top of the balloon.
  1. The glue to stick the plastic and the balloon together are not sticking as they should be. When the string is pulled they separate instead of tearing open the balloon. I've tried wallpaper glue, clear adhesive, super glue and combinations of them. But they just seem like they will never stick together...
  2. When the balloon is popped the blood gushes out (of course, silly). But only parts of it will spray out and the rest will drain down behind the costume and eventually soak through. Are there any ways to control the direction of the blood? I was thinking of putting the balloon in a small container but I'm not sure if that will help. That'll make the blood packs look bulgy because right now it's taped down firmly onto a piece of round disc. So if it's in a container I can't tape that down & compress it.
  3. I've devised a way to get blood out of the balloon, since the objective is to burst it. I've got a sharp toothpick that will poke the balloon. It's setup in such a way that a light pull on the string the balloon will pop. Works like a charm but the spray is not quite intense. Any suggestions to that?



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I have used an injection (like for medical use) with a thin pipe that was clogged. When the injection is pressed the pressure gets really high! and then if the clog is not tight enough - the pressure will burst like hell!
Fill it up with "blood", insert the pipe underneath the cloth.. have someone outside the frame press it hard when needed.
The rubber on the balloon is too tough for this application. The standard in this method of blood effects is a regular unlubricated condom. You will find it is much easier to get it to rip open. Once you fill it with your favorite fake blood (mine is Bottle of Blood).....super glue a washer tied with fishing line onto it (the thinner, the better, so you don't have to key it out). Fill the condom more for a more dramatic effect. Less for the "seep" type blood effect. Find a position off screen so you don't play on screen when you pull the string.

Believe it or not this is not a joke. I have used this procedure many times. And it always works great. Low tech, but high production value.
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