Best way to put your Short Film in a spotlight


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Hello, are only two years who I'm making short films, I wonder what is the best way to put your short in a spotlight provided it's a good level one.
In my opinion social media like facebook and youtube are a mess right now, people overthere looking for shitty videos, quality videos remain buried under a ton of trash, I heard that the best way for show a short are festival, do you agree ?


I imagine this is really a question about promotion of a film, how do you get people to watch it. I would love to hear some answers to this too.

As a marketer, the first thing that comes to mind for me is working backwards from who your market is. Meaning, who do you want to see your film, and then tapping into that group somehow.

It's a world of tribes out there.

Kim Welch

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I believe you want to start your distribution strategy during development and per-production. It's something you plan for from the beginning and know that is where you are going with it. Entering film festivals is a big one but it's not the only way. You can YouTube it, or vimeo and other ways to show and sell it.