Best TV shows you are watching


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What are the most interesting shows you are watching on your home screen? Broadcast, cable (whatever that is) or internet.

I thought it might be interesting for people to share that. What about we give a few words on why we like or what it is about them that we like. Intelligent riffs into anything to to do with how these shows are concieved of or executed, all sounds interesting. If you can be concise, be as challenging as you like. What about we begin our speil with the program title in caps so we see it easily?

Me. Just watched the latest season 3 True detective. I'm a great fan, especially of the over written riffs by the actor who looks like a slimed down Vince Vaun. Earlier seasons had some stunning visualizations, looked great, I was hooked in, but as the sinister villain became more identifiable, personified as a, person. It became, too easy or something. I'm relieved that s03 has left that idea behind. Evil is hidden. It's more a quality of proccess within personality. There are a handful of lead actors doing an amazing job in S03, and they are being killed off, so I sort of like the creators and writers too.

Please just have fun.
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I watch a lot of things on Netflix and I will start a series and watch 10 seasons non stop. "The black list" is really good. I liked the "house of cards" Daredevil, Flash, Person of interest. "House MD" "Fringe"