Best software for writing screenplays?

Maura B.

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Do you need a software for screenplays? Maybe this article could help you:

Kim Welch

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Movie Magic Screenwriting software in the past was not bad. I think it's up to the writers which is best. I don't think any producer or script scout is going to ask you what software you used. The best is the one you can afford or already have. Final Draft is good and it's important to use what your production or hiring supervisor wants you to use but understanding a screenplay structure is not going to come from a software. Here is a link to a list of free screenwriting software for our starving artists out there.



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Don't forget about Writer Duet. It is cloud-based, aka web-based, which means you can write anywhere on any system. Lately, I've been using more cloud-based softwares. Not just in screenwriting, but other work that involves project management. So far, I like it, because I don't have to worry about where the software is installed. I work on multiple systems (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Devices).

Also, with web-based apps, in this day and age, you know what that means...

If it has team/collaboration features, it means you can work/connect with teammates and collaborators on the same project. All you need is a computer and internet connection to log in to the web-based app, and you're in (you don't have to worry about installing and re-installing software) --- and you can work and share with teammates and crew.

You can sign up for Writer Duet for FREE.

Here is the link:
WriterDuet | Professional Screenwriting Software You'll Love