Best camera for $400 - $500


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Hello everyone! I wanna get a camera for christmas, but I can't decide which one to get. I'll be using it mainly for filming and shortfilms, but sometimes I'll take some photos too.
It has to be in a range from $400 to $500 max, the camera has to have:
-a microphone input
-1080p 24fps or 30fps (60fps would be great too)
-a kit lense that I can attach a follow focus to (Not like the Sony a58 kit lense that i switch to manual focus and It's focus ring shifts from the back to the front so I can't attach a follow focus to It's lense)
-a tiltable LCD would be good, but It's not obligate
-Wifi would be good, but It's not obligate
-a headphone jack would be good, but It's not obligate
-atleast ok or good auto focuss
-stabilization would be good, but not obligate
Sorry if my english is bad, but for now I can't think of anything else that I would need in the camera, but of you guys have any questions then please ask me and help me please

Kim Welch

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You might want to look into used cameras. Canon has a T2i that might work for you but it's about 200 more I think. Sony might have something in that price range.