Best "alternative" Budget Software?

Hi All,

I'm cutting my teeth on making budgets and until recently have been doing things on Excel. I want to upgrade :)

MovieMagic is the gold standard and Gorilla is also popular but...I have to pull a few more shifts at work until I can afford them.

Of the 'off-Broadway' budget programs I've heard of:

-BudgetCheetah ($30)
-Indie Budget Buddy (Free)
-Genie Workbench (Free...for now, in beta)

Has anyone used any of these? Any major pros or cons to speak of? Are there others that I haven't seen yet?

Thanks much :)


Kim Welch

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work something out

work something out

I could work out a trade or a payment plan and give you a discount for gorrialla or moviemagic for any serious filmmaker out there. i think i have both still in stock. let me know. you can call me at the office or send me an email. welch.k and that would be at the one and only for the email address. or call the office and leave a message for me. 212.255.5454