Best 5 Amazon Fire TV App Companies To Build Your Own Customized Fire TV App

Amazon Fire TV:

The Amazon Fire TV is a media player plugs into your television’s HDMI port and streams video, audio, and games. It is capable of transforming every TV into a smart TV, making it an economical choice for those who want to watch streaming apps on their TV but don’t want to upgrade to a smart TV.

Benefits of making your own Fire TV App for your Business
  • Increased Viewership
  • Control Over Content
  • Content Visibility
  • Easy Integration
  • Personalized Streaming Content
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Analytics

Top 5 Amazon Fire TV App Developers

Here are the top five companies to approach if you’re looking for expert help to build and launch an Amazon Fire TV app.

1. VPlayed

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With VPlayed, you’re able to launch your own branded Amazon Fire TV app for big screens. In both wide and small screens, you can reach out to millions of households, broadcast all types of content with deep customization & features, and function smoothly without a hitch.

  • Managing the transmission of separate TV channels from a control panel
  • Building and monetising your own partner services
  • Transform an affiliate app into the branded Fire TV app with Whitelabel architecture
  • Share your phone screen without internet access on an activated Amazon Fire Stick TV


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Contus VPlay is one of the best self-hosted OTT video platforms for establishing video on demand solutions. It enables you to guarantee world-class OTT Web, Connected TV & Smart Devices viewing experiences to your audience no matter how diverse.

  • 100% customisable Whitelabel platform to help branded Fire TV app development
  • In-built video CMS to host and catalogue video content
  • Complete ownership over both content and platform
  • Easy video management features including the bulk upload, drag and drop, video and audio scheduling, and content partner portals

3. UScreen

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UScreen is a popular OTT network in the world that helps you to seamlessly install and operate smartphone and TV video streaming applications. UScreen's OTT platform has a go-to-market duration averaging 30-60 days, which makes it one of the fastest ways to get your Amazon Fire TV app for Android TV up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Launch OTT apps without any coding skills
  • Monetise your videos through multiple models
  • Use marketing and analytics to target your platform in the best possible way
  • High levels of security to keep both videos and viewers safe


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Zype helps you create amazing Fire TV web apps using the handy Zype Video CMS. It is one of the few solutions in the current market that delivers an end-to-end platform bolstered by a scalable, API-centered architecture aimed at creating personalised experiences.

The following features make it worth taking a look at:

  • Headless content API with encoding, recording, player control, playout, long and short-form video clip playlist management.
  • Flexible monetisation models and data capture metrics for when you create an Amazon Fire TV channel
  • 28+ video connectors that establish your presence on all popular OTT channels

5. To The New

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To The New allows businesses to create new-age Smart TV apps that can improve viewership, extend coverage, and enhance the brand experience. They have years of experience in designing Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, LG Mobile OS, and many other Smart TV applications — so if there’s any provider that knows how to develop Amazon Fire TV apps, it’s To The New.

  • Analysing and prototyping designs for smart TV applications
  • End-to-end solutions from design and development to testing and maintenance
  • An expert team for more than 60 smart TV app developers, designers, and researchers


Given that there’s so much riding on the Amazon Fire TV ecosystem, it makes sense to favour the top service providers for building your company’s Fire TV app. Whether you choose the route of the Fire TV app builder, or would rather have a team customise everything from scratch, you’re well on your way to seeing success just by choosing Amazon Fire TV as your platform of choice.

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