Beating David's Drum (a little)


Rogue Crew

Hey y'all,

Just got my American Cinematographer eNewsletter exhorting me to get the March 2006 issue. The first and last paragraphs caught my attention:

"Here's an advance look at the March 2006 issue of American Cinematographer magazine, which will have a special focus on indie productions and 'shooting on a shoestring.'"

I think there are a lot of us that would find that interesting, if only to learn what the pros consider a "shoestring."

And the last paragraph promises a little insight on our own David Mullen.

"ASC Close-Up will present a Q&A profile of Society member M. David Mullen, who has contributed stunning cinematography to a number of memorable indie films, including Twin Falls Idaho and Northfork."


PS - I'm going to post this over at as well, since David is also very active there.


I guess I'm in luck because I subscribed to this magazine last week ...