"Bad Falcon"- Too Foreign?


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I am a filmmaker out here in Florida in the process of writing and/or directing a handful of short films and I'm giving the rights away to a short script entitled Bad Falcon for someone to produce. One filmmaker wrote me back after reading the script and said that it was "nice and dynamic" but the problem was that it was too foreign and would be difficult to produce. I didn't understand that and still don't. So I seek the help of the StudentFilmmakers.com community. You can read the script, in PDF format here: Bad Falcon and let me know what you think. Thanks


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It's a while since I read the script, so I'm posting from memory.

On the 'too foreign' front, maybe they meant that it's largely dialog-driven rather than action-driven? As for 'too expensive', I remember it having several cops, police cars, police stations, etc... all of which can be expensive to arrange if you're trying to shoot a short on a low budget.